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Flying with a Dog: What I Pack


Flying With a Dog imageA week or so before flying with a dog, I pack their flight kit. Why so early? So I can get anything I don’t yet have. I’m not a fan of feeling rushed, so I like to do this ahead.

Here’s what goes into the dog carrier pockets:

A thin extra leash
“Kennel Leads” are slip leads that are perfect in emergencies. If your leash breaks or a collar buckle snaps, one of these can save the day. Light-weight and folds up into nothing, these take up virtually no room.

A few puppy pee pads
For long flights or with young pups, I’ll fold a few of these into the bottom of the carrier, pad side outward. That way, if the pup has an accident, I can just remove that one pad and there’s another in place all set to go. Now, my experience is that pups often sleep during the flight but if they don’t, you’ll be glad you have a simple way to change a dirty pad while keeping the carrier itself tidy.

A few poop bags
These have many uses for holding this or that beyond the excellent obvious one.

Two USA-Sourced bully sticks
A bully stick is one of the most reliable dog distractors around. These are from grass fed, USA cattle and are the ones I buy for my dog, Pip: Shadow River Bully Sticks (Amazon link). I give them when a pup gets restless or fussy to calm and distract them.

One Himalayan Dog Chew
These are pricey so I don’t give them regularly but, like a bully stick, they tend to get a pup’s attention. I’ll switch between a bully stick and a Himalayan dog chew (Amazon link) to keep a pup quiet and occupied. These are basically compressed, aged cheese so most pups will work hard on them for a while.

Pre-wet towels in plastic bag
A few paper towels sprayed with a non-toxic stain or odor remover can be a big help if the pup gets sick then steps in it. Is this likely to happen? Thankfully, no. Can it happen? Yes it can. If it does, you’ll be prepared. (Here’s an Amazon link to pet wipes that work well.)

Collapsible silicone water bowl
These are so handy and fold so flat, they are an ideal “take along” when you travel.

All their paperwork
Shot records, health certificates, recent pictures, my contact information, a friend’s contact information all gets folded into a plastic bag and stored in a side pocket. My contact info just in case the dog gets separated from me and a friend’s in case something happens to me. You never know.

Now you are prepared to have an easy flight with your companion (and you’re prepared if it’s not so easy, too). Chances are it’ll go smoothly. Have a great trip!

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