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Dog Sling: A New Favorite Thing


Dog sling in use ImageA brand-new, baby-blue dog sling arrived in my mail. A gift from a friend whose puppy I am tending. I stared at it. This was new to me and all I could think was that it was for women who wanted to treat their puppy like a baby. And that doesn’t appeal to me.

I put it on, put Button in, clipped the back-up, safety line to her harness and… I was instantly sold. Instantly.


Because the puppy comes with me everywhere. The first thing I did was go to the basement to deal with some laundry. My basement is not finished and not a place I want a roving puppy mouth wandering. Even on leash. And, doing chores with a puppy on leash is complicated. It can be done, for sure, and I’ve done it but it takes time away from whatever task needs doing. Sometimes I have time for that extra effort. Sometimes I don’t. In the sling, the pup comes along, seeing and hearing everything but also contained, safe and, relatively, out of the way.

I’d never vacuum with a small puppy on leash with me. The risk of frightening the pup is too great. But in a sling? Away we go!

Living in the city? Want to do some puppy socialization? Want your pup to see the sights but not to walk on the street yet? Try a sling.

The features I like:

  • Soft fabric which makes it hard for the pup to climb out. She has to work at it on any attempt and that effort is easy to feel then redirect.
  • Wide, soft shoulder strap.
  • Safety strap and clip (I suggest attaching that to a secure harness the first few rides – just in case).
  • Deep so, again, difficult for the pup to simply spring out of. You can feel movement easily then adjust accordingly. I’ve had no near misses with Button exiting on her own. Not one.
  • It allows the dog to position himself naturally so, I have to think, that’s more comfy for them than carriers that place the dog upright or legs splayed.

Things I don’t like:

  • Fabric is thick. It’s a cozy spot in the winter, no doubt, but here in St. Louis in the summer? Fuzzy Button gets hot quickly.

Here is the sling I am using:

Dog SlingBLUE: Alfie Couture Designer Pet Accessory – Chico Reversible Pet Sling Carrier

  • Chico Pet Sling measures 9″ depth, holds pets up to 12 pounds. Perfect for smaller breeds.
  • Hands-free sling-style carrier loops over shoulder while the pet rests in the pouch on the opposite hip to keep pet secure and comfortable.
  • Chic reversible design with one side in blue, grey, or pink and other in stylish brown with pink polka-dot.
  • Pet lovers will adore these reversible sling pet carriers.
  • Machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle.

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GREY: Alfie Couture Designer Pet Accessory – Chico Reversible Pet Sling Carrier
PINK: Alfie Couture Designer Pet Accessory – Chico Reversible Pet Sling CarrierĀ 

To see all the dog slings on Amazon, click here.


  1. I still might not be sold…Undoubtedly, there is a point when it benefits a puppy more to be on the ground to learn how to be a “normal” dog. So at what age would you absolutely STOP using this sling and start to require a puppy learn to be okay on his own 4 feet?

    • Hi Sarah – Oh heavens, I can see your concern! I would never use it to replace walking around. It’s a nice addition to the toolkit for me. Allows me to easily keep the pup with me when I would otherwise not be able to do so. She is still getting all the normal on leash time. So, for me, this is additive, not subtractive. – Sarah

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