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Small Dog in a Cute Dog BagOne of the great joys of having a dog – especially a small dog – is bringing them along whenever possible. With the right dog carriers, it is often possible.

Reaching into the warm bag to stroke a napping ear and feel a loving nuzzle, being able to lift them out to some quality lap time or to have them meet a friend are some of life’s little joys.

For slightly larger dogs (or older or heavy or lame dogs), a stroller or back pack can widen your world with your dog. Bikers can add a bike trailer allowing their dog to zip along behind, wind in their face, happy to be included on an adventure they could never keep up with or enjoy safely any other way.

This blog is for all of us who want our companions with us. I discuss every sort of dog-including device I can find: dog carriers (hard, soft, purse, designer and more), strollers, backpacks, bike trailers, booster seats and front packs.

If you have a question or want to see something else just ask me. I love hearing from readers and do my best to answer every question.


  1. We bought a travel crate but it was the mesh one as we rushed into buying it while we had our puppy and because she didn’t like being left in there she would chew it. It was a good crate and we still use it for travelling as she no longer chews it but I would make sure that if you have a puppy to get one that is more stable.

  2. Hello Sarah,
    I need help with my beautiful 14 month old Boarder Collie. She is from a good breeder and I know both her parents who are sound in temperament. I gave her tons or socialization, puppy classes, tricks classes, agility… but at about 10 months I noticed she was growling at some strangers. Up to this point she loved all adults but was not keen on children. Now she will erupt in barking at some people as they approach. There is no specific look or trait about the person so it’s very hard to tell when she will do it. She actually still wants to go and greet most people and often with good result but 1% of the time she will jump back and freak out.
    It seems to be increasing in frequency and I’m getting very concerned. I’ve tried the click and treat when strangers approach and take her daily to meet new people and have them treat her but still she has these out bursts. What am I missing and how should I proceed!

    • Hi Carol – Border Collies can be complex, esp. during adolescence. What part of the world are you in? Hands on help would be ideal. Sorry you’re having these issues. They happen sometimes, even with the best efforts applied.

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